Firstly, to help women change any fearful, negative expectations of birth they might have to positive ones. When we move into trance the conscious, analytical side of the brain becomes side-tracked and we become much more open to suggestions (as we see with the stage hypnosis).

Only suggestions that we are open to accepting will be useful though and for birth of course our focus is on building confidence that birth, without any special circumstances, can be a positive experience in which a woman remains calm, relaxed and in control.

Which brings us to the second point, women learn simple yet powerful techniques that ensure that they are able to remain emotionally and physically relaxed during labour enabling their body to work at its best.

This in turn will also ensure that they are able to remain calm and in control throughout their labour no matter what turn their birthing takes.

Dear Anne, Thank you for all the support, care and reassurance that you have shown towards, Ben, Tomas and I. You played an enormous part in the birth of our son for which we will always be grateful, Much love from  First time mum Billericay –Home birth

We both feel that Hypnobirthing help us to stay in control throughout my labour and several midwives commented on how quiet and calm we were and that it looked like we had done it all before.

Thank you for all your support –we feel so lucky to have followed Hypnobirthing and are very grateful to you. First time mum, Brentwood

Thank you for the course Anne, The birth was fantastic and my postnatal recovery has been significantly better as well. Danny is an incredibly calm baby. I am very much of the opinion that Hypnobirthing is responsible for this – so thank you again. Second time mum Brentwood –Home birth

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