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Is this you?

  • Are you feeling worried about your upcoming birth?
  • Feeling scared about your friends’ birth stories?
  • Worried about the idea of birth intervention, drugs and feeling out of control?

There is another way.  You’ve probably heard of hypnobirthing, but don’t know what it entails and whether it’s for you.

Let us help you understand what it can offer you, the choices it will give you - and the power that you will regain.

Learn how to relax before and during labour

I am passionate about empowering women to have choices for their labour and birth experience, and enabling them to understand what it is happening during labour. 

My 40+ years of experience as a nurse means that I have complete understanding of the NHS set-up for antenatal care, and my programmes complement this.

I offer a comprehensive hypnobirthing programme, working either in small groups or a bespoke one-to-one programme.  In my dedicated guidance studio in Brentwood, Essex I support couples face to face to develop a deep understanding of labour and birth, and teach them techniques and approaches so they feel informed, reassured and empowered.  If you prefer, I’m able to support you through Zoom sessions as an alternative. 

Please be reassured that all surfaces in my studio are cleaned with an alcohol based disinfectant prior to and after each session. 

How a recent mum felt through her labour and birth using hypnobirthing

I recently supported Liliana and her husband through my programme and she contacted me after the birth of her baby girl to say:  

“Anne is a wonderful woman who looked into my eyes and my heart and immediately figured out that I needed guidance and reassurance.

This is Anne your thoughtful friend who will guide you wisely through your pregnancy, labour and delivery and will change your life forever like she did with me.”

If you’d like to feel how Liliana feels, please contact me on 077381 78394 or email me on hello@babywisdom.co.uk to find out about upcoming programmes.

I offer a 60 minute introduction to hypnobirthing and relaxation, click here to see upcoming dates and book your place.