Where Will You Have Your Baby

Check out birth options and where to have your baby – home, birth centres, hospital. BirthChoiceUK is a site which offers information for women on where to have their baby, with details of home birth, hospital birth and alternative maternity choices. It also features statistics on the caesarean section rate, normal birth, induction and instrumental delivery.

The main thing is to be happy and comfortable with the place you are planning give birth, whether it’s at home, in hospital on a beach or under a hedge. The choice is yours. Wishing wonderful fulfilling births to you all.

You may wish to have your baby at home. The present government is trying to encourage more women to take up the option of a home birth. You may also find that there is a local home birth group in your area run by a local NCT antenatal teacher. You do not need to belong to the NCT to attend this group. There may also be a local home birth midwifery team in your area (ask your midwife about this).

LINK: Homebirth

If you are planning a home water birth check out pool hire services and their terms and conditions, delivery times and so on.

The NCT has lots of information on the use of water and birth. You may like to have a home water birth and there are plenty of companies around who will supply you with all the necessary equipment and pool.

LINK: Pool Hire
LINK: Birthworks
LINK: The Good Birth Company

If you are planning on having your baby in a birthing centre or hospital, visit them first. Know your route and have an alternative route just in case. Search out where to park, how much the parking costs. Check out the entrance to the maternity unit as this may be different during night time than it is during the day.

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An independent midwife may be helpful. You will have to pay for their services but the benefits of having your own midwife with you all the time may be worth it. Your midwife may know of a local independent midwife.

How to be a useful birth partner: sometimes a Doula can give additional support to mum and dad, especially if family are not around to provide it.

LINK: Doula/Birth Companion

Maybe you have previously had a baby by caesarean section but would like to try and have a vaginal birth this time. A VBAC is usually safer for the mother than a repeat caesarean because a caesarean itself carries extra risks.

LINK: VBAC Articles
LINK: NICE Guidelines