Getting Fit for Birth

Gentle exercise is a good way of making sure you are physically and emotionally preparing for your baby’s birth. General gentle exercise, such as yoga and Pilates, is ideal.

Here are a few sites for further information that may also help you find local teachers:

LINK: Antenatal exercises
LINK: Yoga Birth
LINK: Active Birth Centre

This will make you smile! A video every dad should watch:

Perineal massage

Consider perineal massage from when you are 35 weeks’ gone. This is some research which demonstrates reduced tearing of the perineum (bit between the back bottom and the vagina).

LINK: Perineal massage

Boring – but very important – is practising your pelvic floor exercises. A toned pelvic floor will help your baby be born more easily and will also prevent you being incontinent and leaking urine after you’ve had your baby.

LINK: Pelvic floor exercises

An ultrasound baby boy at 16 weeks in mum’s tum:

Swimming is an excellent exercise to take up when you are pregnant.

The water will support your increased weight. Some local swimming pools provide aquanatal classes with qualified instructors.

LINK: Local sport centres
LINK: Aquanatal

Three top tips for labouring mums

Penny Simkin’s 3Rs approach to childbirth preparation:

  • Relax during and/or between contractions.  It’s important to be calm between contractions.
  • Rhythm characterises your  coping style.
  • Rituals such as swaying, humming or pacing may help mothers during birth.

LINK: 3R’s

Some positive birth mantras to help you through your contractions/surges

My body is strong and beautiful
Each day brings me closer to meeting my baby
My body know just what to do
My baby and I are working in perfect harmony
As my birthing progresses my relaxation deepens