Getting Your Head Ready for Birth

Think in advance about your hopes and fears for your baby’s birth and the early days. Chat about what may stress you both out.

  • Identify what your pet hates are within your domestic roles – cleaning the shower, ironing, for example?
  • How will you adapt and cope?
  • Who can you enlist to help and support you and be the cavalry?

The ‘what ifs’… Before the big day, take time to chat about what your plans will be if birth takes a different route from the one you envisaged.

  • What if the baby is born by caesarean section?
  • What if you need someone to care for an older child?
  • What if your work might impact on your time with mum and baby
  • How will you both manage this?

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Specifically for dads

LINK: How to be a useful birth partner

Doulas and birth companions ( show how continuous support during labour and birth can support mums and dads. Having a birth companion or doula can result in less intervention and better outcomes for mums, babies and, of course, dads and partners.

Bagging up for birth

  • Ideally, pack together or take a bit of time to familiarise yourselves with the contents of the bags you have packed ready for the birth. (Even if you are planning a home birth you will need to have these ready, in case things take a different route)
  • What will go into hospital when you arrive? What can stay in the car until baby has arrived? What is staying at home and can be brought in the next day?
  • • You may be as cool as a cucumber but this new adventure may make you flap and, more importantly, you don’t want to make a labouring mum anxious about her luggage!

LINK:  Waiting for baby