Road Trip

Phone ahead if you are staying away from home to check what equipment is available. This will save on packing.

Plan some stops on your route for feeding and nappy changes and to stretch your legs if going on a long journey. This is especially important if you haven’t had much sleep before leaving home.

Try making up a small ‘quick change’ kit as well as your ‘all singing, all dancing’ changing bag. This should include two nappies, wet wipes and nappy bags.

Remember, you may need car shades for the window (you can create makeshift shades by tucking baby muslins in the top of the window) and some baby ‘singalong’ music to calm everyone.

When your little one starts crawling you might want to seek out a pitstop that allows for them burning some energy….

The full-on changing bag should ideally include:

  • Spare nappies (two for a short trip, more for longer)
  • Baby wipes or cotton, water and – in the early days – something to put cooled boiled water in
  • Small spritz (spray) bottle for storing water
  • Something clean and foldable such as a muslin to use as a changing mat if your changing bag doesn’t have one
  • Baby muslins for multiple uses (protecting clothes from vomit or for use as a sunshade, changing mat, layette, soft loose nappy and so on)
  • Sling
  • Plastic bags for used nappies, rubbish or dirty clothing
  • Feeding equipment. If your baby is bottle-fed you could try ready-to-feed formula available in cartons. Alternatively, take a thermos flask with hot water and something to stand your bottle in while it heats up
  • Transporting a made-up bottle is okay for an hour or so, if you can keep it cool. Older babies need a cup with a sealable lid, plus a snack
  • Small toys
  • Books and activities for older babies
  • Spare outfits and a muslin or small towel to lay in your baby’s car seat. Nappies have a habit of leaking at the most inconvenient times
  • Snacks for mum and dad when feeling tired
  • Oh, and the kitchen sink!! x