Jet Lag

Jet Lag….arghh!!

We need SUNSHINE! The hormone melatonin, which is produced when we are exposed to sunshine and released when we are in a dark environment, helps us sleep! Getting plenty of daylight will help to reset yours and your baby’s body clock. Most little ones start to readjust after a few days and achieve a normal pattern after about a week.

Helping a wakeful baby to sleep

Are you finding that trying to get your baby to sleep when it is just not tired is nigh on impossible?

Let them lead the way, guiding them toward the nap times they would normally have by wearing them out beforehand and moving sleep times by 10 minutes (either way) over a period of a week, until you are back on track. Maybe nap with them so you reset together!

Moving time zones – to change or not to change?

If your travel makes only a few hours difference you could stick to your home time zone during your trip. To make it easier, have one member of your party set their watch to home time zone and one to that of the country you are visiting. If there is a big time difference it might help to alter bedtime by an hour or two to fit with your new time zone a few days before you travel.

East to West or West to East?

Travel from East to West to get maximum daytime sunlight in the day to help sleep at night.This may be an easier adjustment as your day becomes longer. If you travel from West to East your day is shorter and you lose time. Try napping when your baby naps and keep routines the same in each time zone so your baby recognises the cues for bedtime.

Breastfeeding and jet lag

Drink lots of water on a long haul flight to keep yourself well hydrated for breastfeeding. You may find that your body and your milk supply take a few days to adjust to the topsy turvy times you are feeding. Stay comfy with gentle massage of the breast if need be and things will soon adjust. But beware having lots of caffeine to keep you awake because it may also keep your baby awake.

LINK:  NHS tips on jet lag

Top tips for flying with a toddler: