Feeding in Public

Trying it out

How about road-testing breastfeeding in public at a local breastfeeding cafe or support group? Ask your health visitor or check out your local children’s centre or library.

Comfort in numbers

Chat to other mums about where they have fed when they were out. Going out in a group may make you feel more confident.

Supermarket sweep

A quick trip to the supermarket can be a stressful experience with a small baby, so why not time it so that you feed in the car before you go in?

Covering up

To help cover up when breastfeeding how about tying a muslin to your bra strap so that it can be anchored and give you privacy?

Quelling cabin fever

Feeling a bit of ‘cabin fever’ or overwhelmed by visitors? Why not camp at someone else’s house for a while, so you can decide when to go home?

The new parent’s best friend and protector of all cherished clothes: the humble muslin!

Probably the most important part of your feeding kit. Use it to give you some discreet cover while breastfeeding, to mop up the result of burps, or as a sun shade on your buggy, a changing mat or a layette.

Minimise your midriff

How about wearing a cheap vest or boob tube under your top to give your midriff a bit of cover when you breastfeed?

Loose layers for cool cover-ups

Loose layers (such as a cotton shirt with a vest underneath) are a good way to avoid over-heating and give good cover while feeding.

The sling’s the thing

You may not be out and about – you may just need to have a free pair of hands at home to do a few things. A sling can sometimes help you get to know your little one and is a cheap and easy method of transport. Have a look on eBay or borrow one from a friend.

Accentuating the positives

Thinking about breastfeeding but need convincing?

How about being able to go out with just your changing kit for a whole day? Milk ‘on board’ means no need to make up bottles or worry about sterilising.

Going to a wedding or special event?

How about a spare teeshirt to slip on while feeding privately to keep your best outfit free of splurges

Feeding in public Worried about breastfeeding in public?

Know your rights and check out this link which tells you all about the Breastfeeding Manifesto which helps to support a mum’s choice to breastfeed.

LINK: Breastfeeding Manifesto

A short video that is a good starting point for talking to friends and family about you feel about feeding in public:

From Bump To Breastfeeding: Feeding Out and About from Best Beginnings on Vimeo.