Airport Bound

If you are planning to fly and are airport bound when your baby is very small to introduce them to loved ones or take a holiday, chat to your GP in advance and check with your airline from what age they allow babies on board. You may have to provide proof of birth or a doctor’s letter for an internal flight.

LINKS:   Heathrow   Gatwick    Stansted

Planning a trip? Dont forget your passport!

LINK:   DirectGov passport information

The thought of travelling with a small baby is probably daunting but in reality it is often one of the easiest flights you will take with them. Babies eat and sleep – unlike toddlers, who tend to explore the plane for the entire flight!

What about taking baby food and milk through passport control? It seems to be exempt but, just in case, remember to keep jars under the 100ml limit. Check out your airline’s policy before you fly!

To keep things straightforward, declare your food and keep your baby with you as you pass through security.. As a back-up if there are any delays, it’s a good idea to take along food such as bananas and avocados which can be mashed, or finger foods.

You can order baby food/milk from your pharmacy/chemist to be collected from the pharmacy/chemist in the departure lounge of the airport, saving all the hassle of packing and keeping to the 100ml rule.

LINK:    Heathrow direct email for ordering milk


Using a sling to travel through the airport may make things a bit easier as it leaves your hands free and you can use the buggy to load bags onto!

It’s worth asking if the flight is full when you check in as they may be able to place you with a spare seat next to you.

Your baby may feel more comfortable during take-off and landing if he has something to suck, so you may want to breastfeed or give him a bottle or dummy.

Changing facilities are often cramped on board so pack a changing bag small enough to take into the toilet with you.

Plan ahead! Check out the links below for baby facilities and quiet areas at departure and explore your destination airport if possible.

LINKS:   Heathrow    Gatwick    Stansted