Jo and David’s Story

It was just the most magical day, we have a lovely birth story, especially for first timers, a few hairy moments, but hey that’s child birth for you.

I went into labour at about 1.30am Thursday morning, just a few contractions, we thought they were Braxton Hicks.

Anyway a few hours later we realised I was in labour and I instantly said to David, “I don’t want a home birth today” (as previously planned), so we came to the birthing unit about 6am when contractions were two minutes apart.

I was already 6cm dilated when we got there, wasn’t in any pain, just breathed, bounced and danced through contractions. Midwives were shocked that I was 6cm and so calm.

Then we laboured in the pool until I was fully dilated. Hypnobirthing worked a treat, we had our tracks playing throughout. David was amazing support and helped me to remain calm and breath through any discomfort and then would tickle me inbetween contraction so that I went into a really deep relaxation.

We had a wonderful midwife who fully supported all our wishes and was amazed by our partnership. She said we were her couple of the year and couldnt believe we got to fully dilated so calmly. She said she had never seen anything quite like it. I didn’t manage to deliver in the water and had to get onto a bed to deliver him as his little head was getting stuck.

This was fine by me as I still felt really comfortable and dignified. Head took a little more effort then expected to get out. Midwives considered performing an episiotomy as I had a small blackout/seizure whilst on the bed just as I was trying to get the head out (they panicked a bit), but I soon came round, focused and he just plopped out.

I’ve got some nasty tears, so have quite a few stitches, but they couldn’t have been avoided, even if I got cut I still would have torn as tears are at the top. They wanted to take me to theatre for my tears but then my amazing  midwife found a lovely doctor who said if I was happy to just “get on with it and be stitched out of theatre” then she was happy to do it, so avoided needing an epidural.

We stayed the night in the birthing unit as he came out with his poo (we don’t think he swallowed any) and he’s also below the 10th centile for weight on the personalised grow chart, so they just wanted to monitor blood sugar overnight.

We were so happy to be in the birthing unit overnight as we had no idea how amazing it would be to get so much support with breast feeding and just general parenting. The staff on the birthing unit were phenomenal. We met with the director of midwifery for Queens the next day to re-tell the story and give the much needed praise for the incredible care that we received and she became really emotional.

Absolutely, feel free to share. We are both so proud of our birth story. We know there were a few hairy moments, but they were so well managed, and only make up a very small part of the entire journey we have been on.

For David, hypnobirthing helped him to understand what to expect from labour and childbirth and made him more relaxed and prepared for the big event. The script help the first 4 hours at home. He was helping me through surges as if he was reading the script again.

For me, hypnobirthing kept the fear of childbirth away. I now have amazing meditation skills which I can apply throughout general life and it’s bought me and David even closer together. We used hypnobirthing in such an intimate way. David became my protector. I remember him asking the midwife not to cut me, they listened, and he was right, because I got the head out very soon later with no complications.

We made a really good team!

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