The story of Emily and baby Bea

Here is Beatrix at two weeks old, she has nearly grown into her tiny baby clothes and so I thought she was getting really big.   How tiny she looks to me now compared to her 1-year-old self. For once she was having a happy nap in her Moses basket.  I am glad we photographed it as it didn’t happen very often (much to my mother’s disappointment as she had bought a very smart basket and stand for us). We thought we were destined for Beatrix to want to sleep on my chest forever but a friend recommended a sleepyhead and it was the best, best, best, best, best thing ever.  BeaBea would stay sleep in it by herself and it sat on my bed next to me for easy night time feeding.

Bea main image

Mango anyone?! Quite an impressive feat given the lack of teeth! Purée wasn’t Beatrix’s thing so we followed the baby led weaning route and found it hilarious watching our tiny wee girl chomping on a whole pear or plum, which she always favoured over slices.  A great way to enjoy the introduction to solid food and make your child look like a squirrel!

Bea eating

Astonishingly I don’t have any pics of Beatrix in the close caboo – our soft sling – which is amazing as she basically lived in it for the first 14 weeks of her life. I can’t emphasise enough how brilliant it was for us having a sling. We also loved our Baby Bjorn for getting out and about once Beatrix was a bit older.  This picture showsmy view of her in the grounds of one of the Oxford colleges. It was a chilly day and I was very grateful for the little cosy hot water bottle on my chest!

Bea main image

This is Beatrix in the sleepyhead, with one of my nighties as a sheet. I used to wear it one night and then use it as her sheet the next, so the bed smelt reassuringly of mummy, then pop it in the wash and swap for the night before’s nightie! I did spend quite a lot of time panicking that she might suffocate on it as it would get slightly wrinkled from her sleepy wiggles (as you can see in the picture), so every time we had a feed the sheet was re- tucked under the sleepyhead! Sleepyhead is sold by John Lewis and is very often sold out, but if you read the reviews of hysterical parents who’ve finally had some sleep you can see why…

Bea asleep