Week 6

What have you been doing all day, where does the time go?

Babies are all-consuming and leave little time for daily chores. The cleaning can wait – nursing and cuddling your little one, letting them know they are loved, teaching them what love and security feels like releases the ‘love potion’ hormone oxytocin in mums, dads and babies.

You may end up co-sleeping at some time with your little one. Read up about this to ensure you do it safely


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Have you or your partner ever said this? ‘We don’t want to change what we do just because we have had a baby’.

It can be frustrating when your little bundle doesn’t agree with that notion. Try to seek out achievable things you used to do together and let some things go. It may be easier to take a walk with your baby if it is in a sling – and this also makes going out for a meal easier (although perhaps make it lunch rather than dinner!).