Thank you to Tracy Sinclair for letting us use her gorgeous baby photographs throughout the site.

Tracy’s BABY WISDOM tip:

Make the most of those gorgeous sleepy cuddles in the first few weeks, its the best excuse to put your feet up for a rest and let hubby take the strain.


A big thank you to baby Dexter and his mum Nina, who let us takes photos when he was only a few days old.


Juggling two during the early days can be hard, try to involve your toddler where ever possible. Becoming Mummy’s little helper can really help make them feel included.

Photo of Charlie courtesy of Tracy Sinclair Photography


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Being a mum can be the most rewarding and wonderful experience of your life, but it’s not always easy, especially as a New Mum! Set up originally by two mums and now with input from many thousands more, Small Steps Online is the UK’s fast growing regional parenting community, which helps parents of 0 – 5 year olds to have the maximum fun with their children – and save them money too! It’s crammed with parenting tips & advice forums, exclusive offers & competitions, family recipes and local what’s on & things to do with your children – why not take a look today and see how they can help you?


Thank you to Pilates On Demand for sharing their wonderful exercises videos with us.

Pilates On Demand BABY WISDOM TIP:

Even a small amount of the right type of exercise can make a real difference to your well-being. Exercise can help you de-stress, strengthen your changing body, improve your feelings about yourself and lift your mood. A happy mum means a happy baby.


Thanks to JUNO magazine for including our Baby Wisdom tips as part of their ‘Thought for the Day‘ series.

JUNO is a magazine that aims to inspire and support families as they journey through the challenges of parenting. It shares fresh perspectives in this fast-paced technological world, creating a non-judgemental community for those who are keen to follow a more natural approach to family life. Regular columns and a wide range of features bring many voices to readers with beautiful images and illustrations to lift the soul.

Saffia Farr, Editor of JUNO magazine’s BABY WISDOM Tip: ‘Follow your instincts.’


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Inspiring mums of all ages and backgrounds to connect, create and celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood, story of mum is a community of supportive brave mums from all around the world doing uplifting thought-provoking downright silly creative stuff together

Pippa from Story of Mum Baby Wisdom Tip

“Sometimes it can feel like everybody in the world wants to visit you and your new baby. Make the most of any quiet time you can grab with your baby and rest. Suggest visitors come for short visits and make their own cups of tea. Even better, let them hold the baby so you can use two hands to eat something or have a shower that lasts longer than five seconds.”
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Local By Social’s BABY WISDOM TIP:

Nap when your baby sleeps. Those little snoozes throughout the day were the only thing that kept me going through the early days!