About Us

Our story so far

After years working alongside new parents as NCT Breastfeeding Counsellors, we really wanted to find a way to reach out and encourage parents to ‘trust their instincts’!

So, BABY WISDOM was born and initially through our daily TIPS on facebook.com/BabyWisdomUK, we began to shed a little light on the ‘beautiful chaos’ a new baby brings and encourage parents to have self belief.

As the BABY WISDOM idea grew we sought a partnership with designers Dan and Jo, who have created the refreshing brand image that helps communicate our ideas through great design.

Baby Wisdom products

The BABY WISDOM muslins will introduce you to the ‘brand’ and its role as ‘mum’s best friend on the shelf’.  Our aim is  to make the new journey into ‘beautiful chaos’ with a baby just a little bit easier!

A bit about Baby Wisdom design

At BABY WISDOM we have looked into how a mum’s brain changes when she has a baby.  We know that you might find it easier if there are less words and more images whilst your priority is getting to know your baby.  So our bite size TIPS, with colour coded icons, should make it easy peasy to navigate the website even if you are lacking a little sleep!

What Baby Wisdom stands for

All our thinking at BABY WISDOM is based on research – not assumption – and is ethical and adheres to the WHO code of marketing and UNICEF Baby Friendly guidelines.

Enjoy what we do whilst we encourage you to ‘love what you do!’

Anne, Katie, Jo and Dan


Even our logo has a message!  A mother elephant follows her baby, gently guiding her little one along, whilst the baby also leads the mother, working together on their new path.

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