My personal experience of childbirth

My own experience of childbirth has inevitably driven where I am today.  After a traumatic first birth with my eldest I was reluctant to repeat the experience. I eventually had a second baby, born peacefully and calmly at home with no interventions and with the support of a wonderful NHS midwife and my husband.

My philosophy, and that of HypnoBirthing®, is to empower mothers and their partners in giving them a “toolkit” of skills which can successfully help them during labour and birth . Exploring each mother’s unique ability to give birth and to restore her faith in her own bodies natural abilities. HypnoBirthing® also providest he birth partner with a robust set of skills to enable them to effectively support the birthing mother .

Too often we give away our power to those who we perceive as “knowing better” than us. This can sometimes lead to our own needs going unmet and unacknowledged. This is often the reason why some mothers do not have a positive experience of childbirth. A positive birth experience, however it occurs, will provide a calm and wonderful start for the mum, her baby and the whole family starting out on their journey as a new family.

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